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Sexual health service

The practice offers a full range of contraception services including coil fitting and referral for vasectomy

Choice of contraception

Deciding which is the best method can be difficult so please take time to read through these excellent guides.

A suggestion is to start with the general guide and then read the detailed guide for the method that interests you.

Or you could use this helpful online tool my contraception tool

General guide

Detailed guides

Who to book an appointment with

All Dr’s can prescribe pills, rings, patches and injections.

The following Dr’s and Nurses are trained to fit the intrauterine device and system (coil).

  • Dr P Nicholls (m)
  • Dr C Limb (f)
  • Dr P Bailey (f)
  • Nurse Louise

The following Dr’s are trained to fit the implant

  • Dr P Nicholls (m)
  • Dr C Limb (f)
  • Dr P Bailey (f)
  • Nurse Louise

Please arrange an appointment with the appropriate Dr or Nurse once you have decided.

Sexually transmitted disease

Our Dr’s also offer testing and treatment for a range of sexually transmitted diseases.

If you would prefer to attend a completely anonymous service, then you can self refer to Leeds Sexual Health service.

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