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Flu clinics 2018

Flu appointments now being booked for ALL AGE GROUPS (including 65+)

Under 18s

  • We have plenty of vaccines in stock for children who are at risk, can easily order more, and there are lots of appointments available for at risk children.  To check if your child is eligible,Flu vaccinations for children in 2018 or ask at Reception.



  • We have plenty of the ‘normal vaccines’ for 18-64 year olds in stock, and appointments are available to book via reception throughout October, November and December.



  • The ‘special’ vaccines for people who are 65+ (or who will be 65+ by 31st March 2019) have all now been allocated to patients who have telephoned before 9th November.  We are no longer able to get further supplies of the 65+ vaccine, but have plenty of the standard flu vaccine to give to anyone at risk aged 18-64, and now also to anyone aged 65+ who would like one.

Home Visits

  • For anyone who is not physically capable of leaving the house, a Nurse will be able to visit in due course.  These haven’t happened yet,a s we are still waiting for our next batch of vaccines to arrive. Dates to be confirmed, so please give your name to reception for the list.



  • As far as we know, stocks are now very low at the Pharmacy and we strongly encourage everyone to book to attend the GP practice for their flu vaccines, as we have ordered sufficient stocks for all our registered patients.




  • If you work for an NHS organisation, your occupational health department will be able to organise your flu vaccine.  We are however able to vaccinate care home staff, hospice staff and volunteers at the practice.  Please ask for details.



  • Please remember to inform the practice if you don’t intend to have a flu vaccine at all, so that stocks can be allocated to those who need one.



  • Remember for anyone who wants a flu vaccine for being a carer, no problem whatsoever, please just tell us, and book yourself in an appointment for a free carers flu vaccine.  Carers packs are also available at reception with further details of advice and support services on offer.


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