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What to do if you're in need of a blood test.

Jayne is our phlebotomist and works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Other nursing staff are also available to help take blood if it is an urgent request.


Currently, all blood tests need to be booked by calling reception.  The Reception staff will ask you whether the GP has requested it or someone else.

  • If the GP has requested this, we can book you in with our Phlebotomist.
  • If the request is something which the patient would like, but hasn’t yet discussed with a GP, then a GP appointment is needed first.
  • If the request is from a hospital Consultant / Nurse Specialist, then we need to ensure that either the Leeds Hospitals put it onto our computer system first, or if it is a request from outisde of Leeds, the patient needs to bring a paper request form with them.


Sample requested by the hospital

If the blood test has been requested by a hospital Consultant, these can be done at Leigh View Medical Practice.

If the Consultant is in Leeds – they put this onto the Leeds ICE computer system, and the Phlebotomist will be able to look to see what samples to take and the lab know which Consultant to send the results to.

If the Consultant is from outside Leeds (Including Wakefield, Dewsbury etc) they MUST give you a paper blood form which you need to bring with you to your appointment.  If you arrive for an appointment with the Phlebotomist without a paper form, the Phlebotomist will not be able to take your sample.

Please note that the GPs do not comment on tests that have been requested from the hospitals, and it is essential that the results go directly to the Consultant.


Patient Information leaflets:

How to – walk in clinics for hospital blood tests

This includes details of where else patients can attend for blood tests.


Blood tests at Leigh View

Includes more information about the blood taking process locally and any exclusions.

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