Private Services, Letters & Reports

Some things are not covered by the NHS

Private Medical Services

You may have to pay a fee for certain services that are not covered by the NHS. These fees reflect the time it takes for the doctor to look at your medical records and some admin time.

Please note that there is usually a turnaround of at least 21 working days, to schedule time in for this work to be undertaken by a GP.  Computer records need to be checked, historic paper records need to be checked, and with increasing requests for these letters and reports, the GP can often not turnaround request before the 21 days.
Please don’t leave these to the last minute as if you do, your request may not be possible to fulfil.
Services include things like private health certificates, insurance claim forms, HGV/taxi medicals and some travel vaccinations.

This is our current list of current fees:
Private work Fees ()

Please be aware that some of the charges for access to a copy of patient records have been amended to reflect the General Data Protection Regulations from 25th May 2019.  

Please ask the Secretarial Team for details.

More information about why we charge can be found on the BMA website.

Private Medical Forms

There are also times when we are asked for information about a patient’s health, such as when you are applying for a mortgage or life insurance. We only do this with your permission and you have the right to see the report before it is sent.

To avoid any delays, please make sure you sign the consent form that the company gives you.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Due to the increasing number of requests from patients for letters of support from their GP, the practice has reviewed the guidance on completing PIP applications.  The PIP application DOES NOT require GP involvement at the application stage.  The applications only ask for information from the patient.

The practice WILL NOT therefore prepare letters or reports in support of any patient’s PIP application until such time in the application process that they are asked specifically to do so by PIP Administrators. If PIP need additional information, they send a letter to the practice directly.

For further information & support about this process, please see here.

Travel Vaccinations

There have been changes to the NHS services available for travel vaccinations.  Please see here for more information about what is covered and what is not:Travel vaccinations at Leigh View Medical Practice ()

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